Call for Student Prayer Partners  

The majority of our students have already begun a new school year and are adjusting to a new school calendar.  Think about all that a new school year brings – new teachers, harder subjects, new friends, peer pressure and new school campuses for some of our students.  Add to that the challenges and concerns about safety on school campuses.  Our students need the prayer support of their church family.    

We were so blessed last year by the response of our church family that we were able to pair all of our students in 3-K through college with prayer partners.  We hope to do the same again this year.  We are asking each prayer partner to pray at least once a week for 3-4 students.  When you receive your list of students with contact information, we ask that you let them know that you are their prayer partner for this school year. We would encourage prayer partners to send a few cards during the school year, but that is optional.   

If you would be willing to bless the lives of our students by praying for them, please contact Sara Adams at 803-292-8551 or at  There will also be sign-up sheets in the Sunday School packets.  Thank you for being a loving, caring church family as we entrust our students into God’s care this school year through our prayers.  

The Prayer Ministry Team