Thank you for your contributions to ACTS each month!  Our church committed many years ago to providing 450 units of each month’s desired items.  When we do not collect enough items each month we write a check to cover the missing items.  Unfortunately, this year we have only met our goal for one month out of the last five months.  

The ACTS Executive Director recently wrote us a letter outlining the support that Aiken’s First Baptist Church provided in 2022.  ACTS is grateful for our support.  Our support in 2002:  

  • Six (6) volunteers from AFBC contributed a total of 376 hours to ACTS’ Programs and Services 
  • Members participated in the ACTS Monthly Food Collection Program 
  • Vacation Bible School youth volunteers participated in special projects during the year 
  • Debbie Sessions and other members packed the food and hosted the monthly Oakwood-Windsor Food Distribution 
  • Debbie Sessions served as the Member-at Large on the ACTS Board and chaired the Volunteer Committee 
  • Financial Support totaled $8,696.50.

ACTS has served this community for 37 years.  Our partnership with ACTS helps them to continue to give hope to individuals and families in need in our community. 


Thank you, Aiken’s First Baptist Church!