Dear Church Family,  

Several weeks ago, we were able to celebrate Debra’s 5th anniversary as our director of administration.  It is truly hard to wrap our minds around the fact that she has already been with us 5 years, but when you look at the great impact she has had on our church organizationally and relationally, it is also hard to wrap our minds around all God has done through her for our church’s well-being in those 5 short years.  I am grateful to report that in another year’s time we will be able to celebrate Debra’s 6th anniversary with us.  I am saddened to report, however, that will be Debra’s final anniversary with us as an employee because she has submitted her intention to retire effective April 30, 2025.  

Given Debra’s penchant for preparation, planning, and organization, it is fitting that she has given us so much lead time to prepare for her retirement.  She knows that there are many factors to consider with this transition—the great impact having someone solely focused on administration has had for our church, our current budget constraints, and the juggling of various rolls amongst all staff.  I am grateful she has given us the time and opportunity to prepare and make a wise decision.  

Above all, however, I am grateful for Debra’s good work at our church and her faithful devotion to God’s call on her life.  She is a gift to our staff, our church, and our community.  I look forward to working diligently with her over the course of this next year and to continuing to be brother and sister in Christ far beyond the date of her retirement. 


Grace and Peace,