Dear Church Family,

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Sunday! It is going to be a joy to worship with our brothers and sisters from Second Baptist Church and to enjoy a fellowship lunch afterwards. Also, I heard the joint choirs practicing together last night, and it was spectacular!!! As we prepare for this Sunday, I just wanted to share a few reminders about the day so that we can all be ready to welcome Second Baptist well.

If you are able, please park at one of our more distant parking locations for that day. We have our parking spots across York Street next to the African-American Museum. We have also secured permission to park across Barnwell at the Anderson & Anderson building. If you need to park closer, please park toward the Roberts Building side of our parking lot as we are seeking to reserve the York Street side of our parking lot for our guests that day. Additional handicap spots will be noted for the day, as well. And if all spots get full, you can park on the median of Barnwell by putting two tires on the grass and two on the street.

We will have security present for this day, and they will be wearing black polos and green khakis. It will be provided by a company our safety team has reached out to as we learn of what we need to implement long-term here at our own church. Second Baptist is accustomed to having a safety team in place, so we are doing this as an act of hospitality since our safety team is still in a research and formation phase and is not yet operational.

When you enter the sanctuary, do your best to spread out, welcome our guests from Second Baptist, and sit alongside them for worship. I know we all have our seats that we are accustomed to using every Sunday, but we will be flexible and hospitable this day as we would anytime we welcome guests.

Children’s opportunities will be provided as usual for our worship hour. There will be nursery for the youngest children during the entire service and children’s church will be provided for other older preschool and younger elementary kids following the children’s moment. If you only come for worship, it will be helpful if you arrive just a bit early and go by the children’s area to sign-in your children as we are implementing a new check-in system for the children’s area.

When worship ends and we begin making our way toward lunch, please offer to show our friends from Second Baptist the way to the gym and fellowship hall and then join them in line. We are accustomed to letting guests go first, but if we do that this time around we will accidentally end up separating ourselves from one another and not be able to share lunch around the same tables. So, let’s help folks find their way to lunch, join them in line, and then share tables, good food, and great fellowship together. By the way, lunch will be served via two lines in the gym and seating will be available in both the gym and the fellowship hall.

Finally, let me again offer a huge thank you to all the folks that have already put in great work to prepare us well for this Sunday. I know even more work by more folks will be offered over the course of the weekend; and I am grateful. It is going to be a wonderful day, and it will be so because of the good work and the good hearts of God’s people in this place.

Grace and Peace,