Chili Cook-Off

I would like to invite you to a very important event that will be unlike any other Wednesday night. When you arrive for activities on Wednesday September 20th you will not be attending your regular Wednesday night meal and programming. You will be entering our annual Chili Cook-Off! The Fellowship Hall will be transformed into a festive college-themed extravaganza, and your nostrils will be met with the amazing aroma of countless chilis lined up for you to taste!

This year, funds from the Chili Cook-Off will benefit everyone! Our current bus has been faithful to us for many years, and we are so grateful for the miles and adventures it has shared with us! But with time it has become less reliable and safe for our children and youth. This fundraiser is to raise money for the necessary maintenance of our bus to insure safety, as well as purchase a second vehicle in the near future.

I hope you will be present on Wednesday September 20th to attend this exciting evening! Come enjoy the Chili Cook-Off, but please remember our goal for the evening is to raise funds for a new church vehicle. Invite your friends, your neighbors, and bring the whole family for a fun night!

At our Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser, you can expect to find great chili, tasty desserts and a whole lotta fun! While you are enjoying the event you can make donations in several ways. You can plan ahead and bring cash to vote for your favorite chili. You can write a check for your donations to put in the jar of your favorite chili. When you arrive, you can write a check for more than your dinner amount and receive cash back, or just make a donation. We will also have donation jars on all the tables to make a private donation of cash or check.

Also, I am still looking for individuals to donate chili! So, if you want to throw your hat in the ring for the best chili, PLEASE! We need it! 🙂 Sign up by clicking the link below or calling the main office.

Sarah Laurence